Issue Date : 23 November 2017 02:00 IDT
Forecast for :
TODAY - Friday
November 24
Daytime High
16 °C 61 °F
Variably Cloudy
( 0.1% )
Wind: NE 1.5 km/h
Humidity: 73.2%

Nighttime Low
9 °C 50 °F
Partly Cloudy
Wind: N 11.0 km/h
Humidity: 51.7%

Detailed Forecast

November 25
Daytime High
19 °C 68 °F
Variably Cloudy
Wind: NE 9.6 km/h
Humidity: 64.3%

Nighttime Low
9 °C 49 °F
( 4.4% )
Wind: NE 10.5 km/h
Humidity: 31.3%

Detailed Forecast

November 26
Daytime High
19 °C 67 °F
Moderate Rain
( 44.9% )
Wind: SE 5.4 km/h
Humidity: 40.3%

Nighttime Low
12 °C 56 °F
( 14.4% )
Wind: W 18.0 km/h
Humidity: 89.7%

Detailed Forecast

November 27
Daytime High
17 °C 64 °F
( 46.3% )
Wind: NE 1.6 km/h
Humidity: 93.1%

Nighttime Low
11 °C 53 °F
( 54.2% )
Wind: SW 9.3 km/h
Humidity: 63.9%

Detailed Forecast

November 28
Daytime High
17 °C 65 °F
( 76.0% )
Wind: SW 18.4 km/h
Humidity: 99.5%

Nighttime Low
13 °C 56 °F
Variably Cloudy
( 17.0% )
Wind: W 20.5 km/h
Humidity: 79.3%

Detailed Forecast

November 29
Daytime High
17 °C 64 °F
( 76.6% )
Wind: SW 23.5 km/h
Humidity: 75.0%

Nighttime Low
11 °C 53 °F
Partly Cloudy
( 23.9% )
Wind: NW 20.7 km/h
Humidity: 76.4%

Detailed Forecast

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Weather It Is (Rain Here And There)

Nov-22-2017 20:22

Good Evening:

There's been a steady rain here in Efrat for the last couple of days, and the rain gauge finally feels like it has a purpose.  The thermometer is also working hard -- to stay warm.  Temperatures were below 10 C all day, and the 8 C temperature right now is the lowest all this fall/winter.
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